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Hello everyone. I haven't really made any announcements about the server on here. They have been mostly on the discord server which you can join here. Anyways the server has been finished in terms of stability. We will be releasing it to the public on 9/14/2018 at 3PM EST. We will be optimizing the server more as there is issues still within the server but all of our plugins are working now on Minecraft 1.13. The server will be released with the version Minecraft 1.13 which contains a lot of bugs. In about a week or two, it will be updated to Minecraft 1.13.1. Minecraft 1.13.1 has a lot of changes and some of our plugins only work on Minecraft 1.13. When the server releases, it will be compatible with Minecraft 1.13 and 1.13.1 but in the future, we will only support 1.13.1, so you should stay on that version to be able to connect to our server.

12 Sep 2018, 14:56 0 | 1
Hello everyone! Today I am proudly going to announce a release date for the server. I know the server has been closed down for a month but we didn't expect this Minecraft update to be a big one. We have learned from this mistake and will never do a release like this again. The status of the server is 80% complete. Some of our plugins like OpenTerrainGen are still not updated so I would say by August 20th, the server will be fully optimized. If I was to release the server now, it would probably crashed and not run good (literally crashed when afking). We want to have the server the best experience for all the players. Thank you for reading this announcement.

01 Aug 2018, 20:06 0 | 1
Today I am going to be discussing on what is the status of the server. As you can see, Minecraft 1.13 is still not out. It is currently on the second pre-release as of now but it looks to be coming out any day now. Anyways the server is 90% done when it comes to plugins being transferred to 1.13. There are some plugins which the authors have to come in to update. So I estimate that the server will be ready 3 days after Spigot 1.13 comes out and Minecraft 1.13 is fully released. At the most it will take it will be 1-2 weeks after release if due to plugins. I'm sorry about the delay but it isn't my fault as Minecraft 1.13 should have been released a long time ago from now. Anyways have a good day, this was just a summary to show the status of the server.

19 Jun 2018, 06:17 0 | 2
Hey guys. I got some exciting news as I have released a feature that I've been working on for the past 2 weeks. I have added pets to the donation store. Currently there is only two pet packs as of now, but I will be adding more later on. Currently there is the Farm Pets Pack and the Nether Pet Pack. I will also make exclusive ones only to people with a rank such as Ruby.

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30 May 2018, 22:56 0 | 2
Hello everyone. Today I am excited to announce that the server will be having a world reset when Minecraft 1.13 comes out. Along with that, the server will be going out of Beta Phase into Alpha Phase. As Mojang has just released the new Aquatic Update for Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, the Java Edition is right around the corner (estimated about 3-4 weeks from this post). When the Spigot 1.13 API releases, I will be working on getting everything transferred and working for Minecraft 1.13. Because of this, the server will have about a 3-4 day downtime when we are transferring plugins to 1.13. We hope you like this new update. Also this world reset will help us improve the stability of the server's TPS by allowing us to set a worldborder of 25k. With this, we can pregenerate the server chunks to allow no lag when players are exploring new areas as they will be automatically generated. That's it for this announcement. Have a great day everyone!

19 May 2018, 22:20 0 | 5