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IGN: train21
By train21 » 7 months ago
Hello everyone. Today I am excited to announce that the server will be having a world reset when Minecraft 1.13 comes out. Along with that, the server will be going out of Beta Phase into Alpha Phase. As Mojang has just released the new Aquatic Update for Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, the Java Edition is right around the corner (estimated about 3-4 weeks from this post). When the Spigot 1.13 API releases, I will be working on getting everything transferred and working for Minecraft 1.13. Because of this, the server will have about a 3-4 day downtime when we are transferring plugins to 1.13. We hope you like this new update. Also this world reset will help us improve the stability of the server's TPS by allowing us to set a worldborder of 25k. With this, we can pregenerate the server chunks to allow no lag when players are exploring new areas as they will be automatically generated. That's it for this announcement. Have a great day everyone!