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IGN: train21
By train21 » 6 months ago
Today I am going to be discussing on what is the status of the server. As you can see, Minecraft 1.13 is still not out. It is currently on the second pre-release as of now but it looks to be coming out any day now. Anyways the server is 90% done when it comes to plugins being transferred to 1.13. There are some plugins which the authors have to come in to update. So I estimate that the server will be ready 3 days after Spigot 1.13 comes out and Minecraft 1.13 is fully released. At the most it will take it will be 1-2 weeks after release if due to plugins. I'm sorry about the delay but it isn't my fault as Minecraft 1.13 should have been released a long time ago from now. Anyways have a good day, this was just a summary to show the status of the server.